Google and iPad: Friends for education?

Last week I had the privilege of attending the South African Google Summit for Education.  It was a magical and inspiring, yet frustrating two days.

My biggest frustration stems from a stark realisation that most South African children are being left behind, without access to the many wonders that Edtech continues to develop and highlight.  However, that is a whole other post, one which I will hopefully do justice to in the future.

My other main frustration stemmed from the often incompatible nature of different ecosystems, namely Google and Apple, within an education context.

As many of you will know, I work as an iPad facilitator, and truly believe that Apple’s hardware line is exceptional for teaching and learning.  On the other hand, I also love numerous Google Apps, including Gmail, calendar, forms…

As I was planning my presentation titled ‘Google Apps on the iPad’, I struggled to come up with opportunities that were both creative and educational.  However, when I decided to integrate my favourite Google and iPad apps, the magic started happening.

Below is my presentation, excluding sound and film clips.  If you would like access to the full keynote, please email me at