8 Interactive and engaging mathematics games and activities

I am always on the lookout for engaging Mathematics activities to use in the classroom.  Myself and the teacher I team teach with use these in a variety of ways – to introduce/tune students into the lesson, as a reflection to monitor their understanding, as an individual or as a pair based task throughout the lesson.

All of the resources are free to use and do not require a username/password.


The Junction Public School Interactive Maths Wiki is a compact, easy to use resource that has 6 engaging and easy to use interactive activities for teaching the basics of capacity (using the metric system).

Chance and probability

You can find a number of online games for teaching chance and probability at Maths Zone, a UK based website.  These activities use cards, dice, coins and spinners to help students understand and experiment with chance.

Mapping and location 

Rainforest: making a walking track is a resource from ABC splash located by my team teaching partner Katie, in which students must use compass points to make walking tracks between different landmarks.


This term we have been investigation transformation.  Icy slides, flips and turns is a simple interactive for showing students shape transformations.


MathsFrame is a UK based website with over 170 free interactive maths games, that are (usually) updated on a weekly basis.  The activities are divided into the different areas of maths teaching and learning.

Free Training Tutorial has many games that provide opportunities for practising basic number skills, and countless activities for developing measurement and visual mathematics skills.

Kids Math Games Online is a mega website, filled with learning activities, games, quizzes, fun facts and much more.  It is easy to navigate and divided into clear categories.

Maths Builder contains 500+ interactive maths games (some are better than others). Worth checking out as topics include measurement, number, space, chance/data and many more numeracy topics.