Enhancing curiosity and learning through classroom ebooks

A dear friend of mine, Sigal Magen is truly inspirational. After a long career in IT, she began writing children’s books, as well as engaging in co-creating books with schools and local councils.

She approached me a couple of months ago, looking to collaborate with my class on a series called ‘Kids around the world‘, which involves connecting with and creating ebooks with children in different countries across the globe.

From our first discussion about the ebook project, my grade were extremely enthusiastic; they loved the idea of creating their own ebook, and were both excited and proud that they would be getting published!

The process

The first thing we needed to do was research Australian landmarks.

I placed the following question on our Apple TV to guide the students in their research:

‘If you were hosting an overseas visitor, what sites would you recommend they visit?’

Curriculum engagement

Throughout the project, my students used and developed their skills in many areas, including:

* elearning and creativity – as they began to sketch their drawings, many of my students researched and found great websites and tools such as Drawing Now, which has hundreds, if not thousands of videos showing step by step instructions of how to draw different animals, people, landscapes and much more.

* Writing – each student was required to write a (preferably rhyming) sentence to enhance their drawing.

Here are some photos that document our ebook creation…

**Shameless plug**

If you would like to download/take a look at our ebook, it is available at http://amzn.to/15HOhFl